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Classic Placebophilia

The application of Quantum Stickers improves music playback atmosphere, soundstage, timbre, dynamics and musical fidelity...really.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  ;~)

Re: Classic Placebophilia

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This is precious :)
(how do you know it doesn't work?) :)
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Re: Classic Placebophilia

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Oh, they work all right, on the weak minded. The placebo effect is real and has real psychological power, however, being entirely subjective it's just not that welcome in an objective environment; however this level of it strains credibility, if this is serious, there are some really stupid gullible people out there ... it must be a joke, right??? ;~)
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  ;~)

Re: Classic Placebophilia

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"I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before!"  - you mean besides them voices in your head?

When snake oil peddlers resort to such depths of BS'ing, I can't help thinking of an expression in my native Portuguese language which goes "Me engana que eu gosto!"

Which freely translates to "Fool me, 'cause I love it!"
Listen to the music, not the media it's on.

Musepack --quality 6
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