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foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

Hi all,
I have been doing some mods to this quite excellent component from Chronial
and I think the time has come to share the outcome here with you.
Keep in mind that this is just an experimental project from a newbie...

Coverflow Mod, the ultimate Coverflow Mod you will ever need!

- Playlist as source
- Updated properties panel to the latest sdk
- Cover follows fb2k Album List selections
- Visualizations activation through keyboard shortcuts
- Case sensitive find as you type
- Selection of default cover art (front, back,...)
- Default or legacy external viewer (PhotoViewer)
- PNG8 Alpha channel for album art
- Help file property tab

Installation should not interfere with the original component
configuration but both components can not be run on the same fb2k instance.
It might be wise to use a fresh portable installation if you feel like
testing the component.

As I can not say that this is not just a collection of hacks to Chronial work,
I will keep a low profile...

Here is a link to my github fork and release:

Hope that maybe some of the code I produced might inspire Chronial on the future
developments that he surely has in mind...

Thanks Chronial again for your component, good luck and sorry for the crappy coding

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

Reply #1
I tested this out in a separate instance of FB2K as you suggested and promptly replaced Coverflow in my main instance as I really like it.  The ability to display covers by playlist is great and I like that I can easily toggle between the full library and the active playlist via the context menu.  The ability to toggle thru the display formats is also a plus.  At first I didn't think that "send to default playlist" was working until I thought to create the playlist manually.  Some components create their default playlists automatically but it's no big deal.

I have had an issue with it locking up every once in a while, but not often.  I run it under a popup window, which could be the issue, and when it locks up the entire window disappears, but then reappears after a couple of seconds.  Again, no big deal.  Thank you very much for your hard work and for making this wonderful component available to all of us.  And thank you, Chronial, for giving us the original, and great, Coverflow.

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

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That's great! I am happy to hear about it
I corrected what you mention and uploaded a fixed version (0.5.2-mod-preview2)
The playlist is now created when needed, and added two other minor changes...
Both the Default playlist and Source playlist default to the same name and
right click now also shows the option to enable/disable following library selections.
The update version is available at the same links above.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

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Hi.  I installed your latest version and have a couple of concerns.  The ability to toggle thru the display formats from the context menu is gone.  I really liked this feature.  Also, when I double click on an album, the entire playlist is being played instead of just the selected album.  The odd thing is that the first couple of albums I selected worked just fine using the CoverflowMod playlist.  Frankly, I don't understand having both the Default playlist and Source playlist default to the same name .  Don't you need a separate default playlist to send the selected album to?  I'm also not sure what the option to enable/disable following library selections does.  Maybe I'm missing something.  Could you maybe make the original version available? 

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

Reply #4
Sorry for the inconvenience, dwmartin0906

When you double click, are you viewing the whole library?
Remember that custom actions are not available in playlist view.
Also that the expected behavior in playlist view is 'play track'.

To get the display formats back in the context menu:
Go to preferences...->context menu
You can choose there what options to include in the context menu.

About the playlists defaults, it doesn't matter if they have the same value.
Source Playlist can also be a value changed quite often (F8 to set and F9 to display).
Having both pointing to the same playlist can be convenient but it has the importance
that you want it to have, depending on your workflow.

'Covers follows Library Selection' means that a selection done in a library viewer
 (like the fb2k library viewer) will also change the current position of the cover being displayed.

Hope you find a solution, if not just say and if you are still interested to downgrade
I will send you a copy of the first release.

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

Reply #5
There is absolutely nothing to be sorry about.  The fault is entirely mine. I'm afraid I tend to get a little confused sometimes these days.  Old age really sucks.  I just appreciate your getting back to me so soon.  I had forgotten about the context menu preferences.  And I just didn't understand the differences between the full library view and the  playlist view.  Now that I do I can adjust accordingly.  Thank you very much for your help.

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

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I keep getting this error message 4 times when ever I select playlists that have url links to streams online instead of local files.

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

Reply #7
Thanks for reporting, Rhyzak
Unfortunately, I canĀ“t reproduce the same error here.
I would suggest start troubleshooting with a blank playlist on a new portable installation,
adding a few local tracks and one internet location.
If you have already done this, please tell us how it went.
(you may also provide some description of your setup, stream locations, local storage, other visualization components running...)

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

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I tried on a new portable installation and that seems perfectly fine with the same stream urls that give me the error on my main fb2k installation. One thing I noticed between the two is that on my main fb2k installation, the album art is constantly stuck on a loading loop when it should show missing artwork. will try to find the issue. thanx for the suggestion though :)

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

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You can try removing (or renaming to .dl_) components until something starts working, or the trouble goes away, to isolate the problem to a given component or component(s). Their configuration will persist even in their absence.

Re: foo_coverflow_mod playlist friendly

Reply #10
I managed to fix the issue!
I tried the .dl_ tip that kode54 mentioned to see what was broke and it seemed to be the foo_youtube component itself. After further digging it turns out that the artwork that was constantly stuck in a loading loop was trying to load the old cached artwork that no longer existed which caused the error message. I wiped the cache in the youtube preferences but still no dice, so I deleted the cache folder itself and that solved the error message popup issue as well as letting all the artworks load normally without any issues. However this seemed to have broken all my stream urls which meant that nothing could no longer be played for some reason so I simply deleted the entire foo_youtube folder located in the %profile_dir% and now everything is working perfectly :)

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