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Feature Requests: Ratings, play count, date added, auto-playlists

I am looking for a feature set that I have grown accustomed to from years of using foobar on my pc, something probably a lot of y'all use too, namely, rating songs on the fly as I listen to them (with keyboard hotkeys) and then using auto-generated and updated playlists that use the rating system plus other modifiers like date added, play count, etc. I usually have several of these playlists saved as tabs. Works great for listening to lots and lots of new music and then quickly annotating what I like and want to hear again. I would really love to find a way to do this on my phone. Does anyone know if something like this already in another music app? I have found a few that let you rate songs on 1-5 scale, but not generate a playlist based on this, which makes it kinda not very useful. Any hope of getting all this functionality added to the mobile version? It is by far the the most desirable aspect of fb2k imo.


Re: Feature Requests: Ratings, play count, date added, auto-playlists

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Has anyone ever tried using the wine apk on a smartphone to run the windows version of fb2k? Is that a dumb waste of time? Idk just a random thought for how to get what I want when I want it lol.

[edit: Ehh.. looks very clunky, not worth pursuing.]

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