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can column format be edited

I am new to foobar2000. Is there a way to edit the format of a column. I wish the file size column to be right oriented, it is currently left oriented. Also, I wanted to add the "Date Modified" column but when I select "More..." I get no existing standard tags, but rather a complicated create your own column stuff.

Re: can column format be edited

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Thank you for the quick response and the valuable information. Please tell me what the name of the file is that I edit and where is the location of this file.

Re: can column format be edited

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It's all in the settings under Display => UI => Playlist view

Re: can column format be edited

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To be clear, you cannot edit the default columns, so you do have to create new columns using the desired title formatting (as posted in the first reply) as the "pattern".

Here is the Playlist View wiki documentation.

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