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What's the best AAC encoder today?

Last I checked, it was still Apple's iTunes. The open source AAC encoders have basically been crippled because of all the patent trolling associated with AAC, which is a bit odd given that XviD, x264 and x265 have been doing well. Is Nero Digital's AAC encoder still useful today, or has it been surpassed completely by iTunes?
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Re: What's the best AAC encoder today?

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Depends on what you mean by 'AAC'. If you are referring to only the LC-AAC and HE-AAC profiles then Apple's AAC encoder still is the best encoder today. I don't think Nero's AAC encoder is still useful today.
The best publicly available xHE-AAC encoder is the open-source 'exhale' encoder since it's the only one available.


Re: What's the best AAC encoder today?

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FDK-AAC is also one of the best.

Re: What's the best AAC encoder today?

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I'm of course talking about LC-AAC. Is there any quality difference between encoding with qaac and having only iTunes installed or only having QuickTime installed? I'm talking about Windows here obviously. I'm asking because Apple no longer update QuickTime on Windows, so I imagine their AAC encoder has improved in iTunes over the past year or two since QuickTime 7.7.9 was released. Also, as far as LC-AAC is concerned, is Apple's AAC encoder the best because it's really the only LC-AAC encoder that has seen any development over the past 15 years? Nero Digital's LC-AAC encoder hasn't been updated in ages, and the open source LC-AAC encoders have always been poorly updated due to patent trolling. I can't really imagine Apple being the best AAC quality given how much their MPEG-4 ASP/AVC enxoders sucked. Of course Apple put some more effort into LC-AAC because of iTunes and selling AAC music through iTunes, but still, Apple and quality don't exactly go hand in hand in my book.
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