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Foobar Mobile for Webradio - Playlist listings

I like to use foobar mobile to listen to webradio streams, which I list and structure in playlists. However, I did not find a way how to show the station name in the playlist listing, in the playlist usually the ending part of the hyperlink of the respective radio station is shown. For example the 'My Radio' Webradio with the link lists as 'stream' within the foobar mobile playlist listing.... makes it difficult to select a specific webradio station

I tried generating both m3u and pls playlists with the syntax as shown here to include the webradio station name, but the specified radio name is not shown in the playlist listing for both cases (still hyperlink ending shown).

The other option would be to use the internal foobar mobile capability to create and populate playlists via 'add to playlist', but here as well I see the same behaviour: only the hyperlink ending is listed. And I did not find a way to edit the foobar mobile internal playlists to change the station name listing (probably stored in a format similar to .fpl at foobar) - I did not even find a file which contains the foobar mobile internal playlists on my android.

I thought about using m-TAGS as used in foobar e.g. by footuner... does anyone know if m-TAGS are supported in foobar mobile?

Any hint to improve the webradio playlists would be great!

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