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Application freeze during file operations

I have looked through the forum but haven't found a recent discussion on this but I apologise if I have missed something obvious.

I have only just installed Foobar2000 and the configuration is pretty well default beyond the location of the library which is a local network address. I have also added the MusicBrainz and Discogs tagger components.

I am gradually copying my library to a local drive, album by album, updating the tags as much as I can as I go with the final goal of a much tidier file structure.

My problem is that the application keeps freezing every couple of minutes from a second or two to around 10 seconds. The OS task manager does not report excessive CPU usage during the freeze. Just once (so far) the freeze brought up the program not responding message and I had to force a close.

I can only assume this is not a general issue and is perhaps caused by my library being on a network drive. I am only looking at about 60GB of data so I could move it all to a local drive if all else fails. Before I do that I would welcome any suggestions to what might be wrong.

Thank you.

Re: Application freeze during file operations

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OK - since restarting after the major freeze the application appears to be behaving now. I had restarted it a couple of times before but it had no effect, this time (fingers crossed) all is well.

I would delete my post if I could so just ignore it please.

Re: Application freeze during file operations

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Maybe you've been bitten by the SMR, or shingled magnetic recording, hard drive issue.

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