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Feature like Winamp's "J" (Jump To File)

 Hello all,  I'm fairly new to Foobar2000 and I have recently changed my Icecast server over to Foobar from Winamp.
My question is basically this:

Is there a feature in Foobar for searching for a file to "Jump To" next without interrupting the currently playing song?


Re: Feature like Winamp's "J" (Jump To File)

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Yeah, ctrl + F.

As for Winamp, which is pretty much defunct these days, if you want to use a Winamp-like clone, I recommend Audacious or qmmp (both are very similar to Winamp in functionality and have full support for Winamp 2.x skins). Personally I think fbk2 is a more powerful audio player though. But anyway, ctrl+F is what you're looking for. Personally I think just J would be easier, but Peter Pawlowski doesn't seem to think so.
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Re: Feature like Winamp's "J" (Jump To File)

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You can make any hotkey you want to do that at

File / Preferences / Keyboard schortcuts
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Re: Feature like Winamp's "J" (Jump To File)

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Thanks for the responses...  That was what I was looking for!

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