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Opusrug - encoder based on Opus 1.3.1-64.

Link to Opusrug, it's a common OPUS encoder, no extra options, only some settings changed (celt file in the link). It's the one in the folder "opus 1.3.1 - 64 dirty by me"  (.exe file for Windows), I didn't compile myself, and I didn't check if it has AVX2, feel free to check it.

Opusrug uses lowest possible bitrate while having highest sound quality, good for high quality melodic music. I don't guarantee high quality, you should use for music at least 64 kbps (though it's optimized for 56-80 kbps), good flac from a complete master, not singles if you want max quality.

DON'T expect M4A or Shazam audio quality as it has few psychoacoustics I edited only bass and bandwidth allocation.

I edited the celtencoder.c in a Linux virtual machine executing opusdemo without listening to the track. And I tested mostly with house and music from South Italy.
For compressing speech there are good encoders like Exhale or Gxlame that are more tested.

Re: Opusrug - encoder based on Opus 1.3.1-64.

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IMO this would be much easier to understand if it was released as a fork of the original repository, to be able to see clearly what was changed in the code. And easier to maintain when original codebase updates, too.
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Re: Opusrug - encoder based on Opus 1.3.1-64.

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The problem is I don't have yet 1.3.1 - 64 master, someone compiled it with MABS and I don't think opus versions are retrocompatible.
This would be unfortunately my last update, as I don't plan changing the quality, add psychoacoustic. Also it isn't meant for low bitrates like 46 kbps.
But I posted the same.

Re: Opusrug - encoder based on Opus 1.3.1-64.

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Yes, I didn't mentioned streaming uses, but there could be and I don't know if could have a better preset for 46-48 music without re encoding. But as magicgoose said I think is difficult as it an old version of Opus.

Re: Opusrug - encoder based on Opus 1.3.1-64.

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try 39 kbps VBR speech if you want to encode singles with this encoder.
Talking about high quality at 144 kbps CVBR detect automatically it can have a similar quality to opusenc.exe 1.3.1-71 at 194 kbps CVBR speech and you want less bitrate re-encoding mp3s.

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