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Editing .cue on Notepad

Hi there!

Is there any risk in editing .cue files in Notepad?

Re: Editing .cue on Notepad

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Improper syntax. Saving to wrong format or encoding.
It also depends on the program. When encoded as UTF-8, BOM (byte order mark) may be required so the .CUE isn't interpreted as ASCII.
from the original CDRWIN manual
Cuesheet files are standard text (ASCII) files. You can use any text
editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad, to edit your cuesheet. Do not
save your cuesheet in any non-text format. (see Appendix A)

the Cue-Sheet Syntax also here

Re: Editing .cue on Notepad

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I highly recommend using Notepad++ as a text editor. The encoded format can be changed, such as making it UTF-8-BOM. Plus, it's a veyr powerful tool in terms of editing.

Re: Editing .cue on Notepad

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Thanks a lot, guys!

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