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Windows 10 ver 2004 incompatabilities

I just installed Foobar2000 yesterday (so it should be the latest ver) on Windows 10, ver 2004 build 19041.450
Two problems,
It seems to be causing Windows File explorer problems, in that  (I am assuming) the right click additions (link to Foobar2000) cased file explorer to basically lock up when I right clicked a file - the only way to fix windows was to uninstall Foobar2000

Also, Windows is stopping Foobar2000 from changing the output sound bit rate, by default I have Windows set to 44.1K, however if I play a high resolution file - 96K 24bit, the display on my DAC stays on 44.1 (it does change if I change it via Windows)
I tried setting the output to either 'primary sound device', or directly into my DAC (SMSL M100), no change, everything is being downsampled.

Re: Windows 10 ver 2004 incompatabilities

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As to problem #1,  have you whitelisted Foobar in all antivirus apps you run?

For problem #2, install the Wasapi Exclusive output plugin ( and select "wasapi (event)" as the output device.  Also un-check "Fading" if checked.  This should solve the problem as the Windows-set sample rate will be ignored.

Re: Windows 10 ver 2004 incompatabilities

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I'd very much like to find out what causes your File Explorer to freeze. I'm not sure if it can be done without memory dump but you could try getting Process Monitor log with these instructions.

Re: Windows 10 ver 2004 incompatabilities

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Regarding changing the output sample rate of your audio device, you'll find that few software does this by default, because it requires obtaining exclusive access to the device / muting all other sounds on your system.

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