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foobar2000 v1.6.1 beta change log

Changes in beta 2
  • Updated M3U #EXTINF behaviors
  • Added console logging of audio device mix format to troubleshoot audio device compatibility issues.

Changes in beta 3
  • Fixed crash bug related to meta autocomplete (affecting tagbox component and possibly others).
  • Fixed channel remapping bugs with default audio output.

Changes in beta 4
  • Fixed Converter & File Operations possibly creating folders that Windows Explorer cannot delete.
  • Fixed multi channel playback regressions from v1.6.

Changes in beta 5
  • Reverted to old autocomplete code for existing component to prevent incorrect behaviors.
  • Improved handling of audio files with uncommon channel layout.

Changes in beta 6
  • Fixed wrong fade used when changing tracks manually rather than seeking within a track.

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