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Automating conversion/tagging to FLAC

new to the forum
i'm looking to see if anyone can shed some light on automating some or all of my process for creating and tagging etc of FLAC files

i make recordings in a 24-bit / 44.1 kHz wave format. i will trim the files and amplify them using Audacity, and then use CDWave to track the recording, save a cue sheet and the split files. in parallel i create a text file using Notepad using a standard template.

process: (this is what i would like to automate)
convert to FLAC in best compression + delete source files (Trader's Little Helper)
add track numbers (foobar)
use live show tagger to tag artist/date/track info sourced from my text file (foobar)
add front cover image from a .jpg file in folder (foobar)
create flac fingerprint files and save (Trader's Little Helper)
create .md5 checksum file and save (Trader's Little Helper)
create .torrent file (Trader's Little Helper)

I'm using a PC running on Windows 10.
appreciate any help anyone can provide. thanks in advance!

Re: Automating conversion/tagging to FLAC

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After using CD Wave to track the recording and save a cue sheet, I would:

1.  Use foobar2000 to convert into individual FLAC files from cue sheet, compression level 8.
2.  Delete .wav file and cue sheet.  No longer needed.
3.  Rename files with song titles and use Auto Track Number in foobar2000 Properties.
4.  Embed artwork if desired using foobar2000.
5.  The clever part:  Save playlist as .m3u file.  Then rename it as .txt file and edit as needed, probably search and replace .flac with blank.  You will have the list of songs and can add information around it.
6.  Use TLH for .ffp, .md5, and .torrent.

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