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Re: Books for 'Title Formatting Reference'

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I'm not really sure why you would assume there are books on titleformatting. Pretty much all there is and all there is to know about titleformatting is in that reference. It's not a commercial product, it's a basic scripting language for a niche media player so no books.
Titleformatting is used with some slight variance (and extra functions) depending on which foobar2000 component it is used in. But each such component has its own reference.
For example this is the reference for panel stack splitter. This one is for the graphical browser.
There are many other foobar2000 components which use titleformatting.
Outside of foobar2000 the developer of MP3Tag also decided to use titleformatting syntax for scripting functions:

Re: Books for 'Title Formatting Reference'

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Hi, the link below has very intetesting lessons:

Please, could someone recommend me more complete texts or books on the subjects covered in this link?

If you are looking for more "interesting lessons" you might want to check this other link.
As I recall, there is also a forum thread along the lines of that wiki page, but I can't find it right now. Anyway you can find lots of user-submitted examples throughout the forum, just make a search with "titleformatting".
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Re: Books for 'Title Formatting Reference'

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I thought it was a very advanced language that required further study, like C++, for example.

I am happy to know that it is just a basic language and that everything is already very well documented here on the website and in the tips you offered. I assume that now I have to become familiar with careful reading and lots of exercise.

Thank you all very much for your attention!

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