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Detect "thump on microphone" or other specific noises

So due to you-guess-what, I have spent a lot of my work hours on video conferences, and that makes for recorded presentations. They are stored as MP4 videos with AAC audio, nothing strange about the format.

Some of these could use some splitting and editing afterwards, and one way to quickly find a few of those possible cut points, are through the audio:
* thumps when a microphone is plugged or unplugged
* other kinds of thumps when someone taps on the microphone and goes "testing testing"
... and so I was thinking, what about using that as a "flag"; we could even do it deliberately: once a microphone is handed over, tap-tap on the mic for "here should be an index mark!". Or tap-tap-tap for "gaffe, edit out".

How to detect? Peak search apparently catches too little (limiters ...). Note, edits will be manual, so this is for speeding up the manual process; false positives are better than missing one.

Before I start suggesting vinyl pop/crackle detectors: does anyone have a better idea?
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Re: Detect "thump on microphone" or other specific noises

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Aggressive low pass filter to isolate the thumps maybe?

Re: Detect "thump on microphone" or other specific noises

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This is actually a pretty straightforward machine learning task if you have examples of your system sounds like when they plug in the mic. 

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