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New fuctionality or a new plugin - QUICK LISTEN

This is my first post on this forum, so, first of all, I would like to welcome everybody and say thank you for this wonderful player.


.. .and - as English is not my mother tongue, please forgive me mistakes in spelling or a gramma.

I was wondering if there a possibility to create a new functionality (or a plugin) for foobar - let's call it for the time being QUICK LISTEN (the name is from my old stereo).

This feature will allow you to listen to the whole CD in the following manner - is jump to the beginning of the first minute of the first song; then playing it for 20 seconds; then there is 3 seconds silence, and then it plays the next song on the CD also for 20 seconds, and so on - till the end of the CD...

I was wondering if there is a plugin - and if not - maybe someone with the better programming skills then mine (I just master "Hello world" in Visual Basic  :-) ) - can develop this as a new feature or a plugin.

Or maybe something like this already exists?

If I may suggest something; I would like to suggest this option for this new feature or a plugin:
 - user can choose the time when the play start (so, not only from the beginning of the 60 seconds; but from - just as an example - 75 seconds or 30 seconds)
 - the same with the time of play - maybe the user can regulate this as well - so not only 20 seconds but maybe 10 seconds only; or 45 seconds - maybe up to 1 minute (60 seconds) - think this is enough

Off course - when the song is shorter the time requested it will play the whole song

 - user can also regulate the time of the silence between songs - from let's say 1 second to 10 seconds

I do hope I describe it well - if not - please do not hesitate to ask for clarification...   :-)

Re: New fuctionality or a new plugin - QUICK LISTEN

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Welcome to the club :-)
To my knowledge there are several possibilities to achive a similar behaviour to what you are describing as QUICK LISTEN.
The one I am using is Skip Track from Case (see here plus discussion here).

In 'About Skip Track' you find the explanation how skip of parts of the track works:
Can also skip parts of tracks. Tag field SKIP specifies the timecodes:
SKIP=-<time>   to skip from the beginning to <time>.
SKIP=<time>-   to skip from <time> to the next track.
SKIP=<a>-<b>   to skip from position <a> to later position <b>.
SKIP=-<a>;<b>-   to skip from start to <a> and from <b> to next track.
SKIP=<a>-<b>;<c>-<d>   to skip from <a> to <b> and from <c> to <d>.

Timecodes use format [hh:][mm:]ss[.mmm]

- This feature works on basis of an additional Tag <SKIP> in each track where you want to experiece this behaviour. So you first have to tag the respective tracks accoudingly
- I am not aware how you can add silence between the tracks

And as I said: there are as well other plugins out there...

Re: New fuctionality or a new plugin - QUICK LISTEN

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I don't think foo_skip is ideal for what he's asking. He'd have less work just skipping songs manually then trying to tag his files with a skip tag value just to make foo_skip work like he wants to.
I think foo_preview is more in line to what he wants, doesn't need to tag files. No silence between tracks here.

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