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[TOS#8] QAAC subjective quackery

IMO best will be CVBR 320

Some song have very complex melody. Just VBR 127 or TVBR 127 is not enough coz it try to stay close to 320kb.
And when you encode same song with CVBR 320 you will see that max  bit rate goes way higher. Sometimes to 450+. Coz it needed. But ofcoz not all songs need that. 

Example of one song:


file size - 8.76 MB

Overall bit rate                         : 324 kb/s
Bit rate                                     : 315 kb/s
Maximum bit rate                    : 354 kb/s


file size - 9.10 MB

Overall bit rate                        : 336 kb/s
Bit rate                                    : 327 kb/s
Maximum bit rate                   : 456 kb/s

And yes, in some songs, in some places of the song, you can hear the difference.

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