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Otto2 - A web based music jukebox

I thought this might interest you guys out there using nix and want a nice jukebox system.
I recently adopted this project, and I am improving it daily. Current version is 1.2 and can be found at it's webpage.

Otto2 Homepage

Currently supports MP3 and OGG, and I am pretty sure everything is working. If there is enough interest into this, I will add FLAC, MPC, and possibly even (gasp!) APE support in the future, the first two would be rather easy to integrate  but i'd like to work on the integrating code for inserting the files in the SQL db first.

From the README:

otto2 is a branch of otto by rodney "meff" gordon ii. this branch includes
tons and tons of new features, code rewrites, optimizations, and more
modularity. i've been working on this branch for a total of 3 weeks so
far (date, 02-25-2002) and have added soo many things, theres too much
to count really.

this main branch was born to continue otto, a project by jon ferguson
which he has seemed to stop development on lately. i thought this code
was fantastic, just needed some updating.

i have converted the whole thing to DBI, i am working on making it
database dependent, and more.

take a look for yourself, and enjoy

Otto2 - A web based music jukebox

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Take a peek if your interested, here's a screenshot of it in action:
Juha Laaksonheimo

Otto2 - A web based music jukebox

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I just posted 1.3 which supports MPC and has a few bug fixes


Otto2 - A web based music jukebox

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1.4 out, you know where it's at..

Toss me some feedback if you're using this

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