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Foobar2000 on Mac - listening problem and playlist

after a full day of perfect listening in shuffle mode this morning  Foobar plays only about 10 seconds of the track and then it stops. Output seems ok.

Strange thing is that during the 10 seconds the elapsed time in the bottom doesn't move. And doesn't move If I set the execution in the middle of the track

The only thing I did yesterday has been add some new files that now are in the playlist.

The question about the playlist:
I saved it in a folder and yesterday I loaded it with "load playlist" in the File scroll menu. After selecting the playlist Foovar started a new scan of the whole Library. I didn't see anything in the Advanced option.

Any idea about these problems?


Re: Foobar2000 on Mac - listening problem and playlist

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Hi again...

I'm still facing this problem. Particularly the one of the sudden stop of playing a track after about 10 seconds.

Anyone could help me?

Re: Foobar2000 on Mac - listening problem and playlist

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I installed everything form scratch  deleting parameters folder.

The problem arise when i select as output my dac streamer (it worked for about a week at the beginning and nothing has been changed. With Clementine there are no problem.

Il stops playing after 10 seconds and the progression of the track seems blocked.
Then if I select the internal speakers it works fine. The progression is ok and the track is played till the end.

Is there anyone that is trying to use Foobar on a mac?


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