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Foobar2000 on Mac

Hi all!
I used foobar2000 several years ago on windows platform and few days ago I downloaded the Mac version.

I read that the mac version has to be considered "as is".

It is working with my the output on my DAC (Aries mini) connected to my library on a Synology NAS.

What is missing in this "as is" version ? It seems:
- customization of user interface? I can't find a music search field for example.
- audio formats conversion?
- other?

Some doubts:
- I see in the output section 3 entries for the same device. Aries Mini. They all works, but why 3? At the beginning I used the menu option "add location" thinking that was my "file location". Anyway how to "clean" it?
Where to set "default" values?
- I see into the UPnP Output section 2 entries fo the same device  (the first is a  Fire stickTv where  I dowloaded the android app...but whitout understanding how to use it ...if possible ;-) ). Why two? This is a "little" confusing me. Now I'm connected to the Aries Mini selecting the proper output and it works. What about the UPnP? Are they alternatives?
- I do not see "genre" metadata field to display and select in my play-list. It is available selecting "Properties", as others metadata like Composer, Performer.
- Is there an automatic rescan when I add a new folder/artist in my library. Or I have simply to add a new folder/s?
Thanks for your support.

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