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[1.6 beta] Wine+macOS issue

Since 1.6 beta 1, I've been having a constant issue of what I think is the new default WASAPI output on macOS 10.14.6 running Wine (the by Winebottler) on a 64-bit prefix which if I play any separate music files regardless of its codec or component (vgmstream, foo_youtube), foobar2000 just hangs after playing one track and if I try to play a file one more time or going into settings, it freezes the program, forcing me to close it through the task manager.

Though weirdly enough, all of my WAV+CUE albums play with no issues.

Putting it into Safe Mode seemed to have fixed it. The issue still occurs on beta 7.

Before the WASAPI integration, it used to work great except for the volume slider.

Any other info you what me to provide, like a wine.log?

Re: [1.6 beta] Wine+macOS issue

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I'll post the Wine logs, not sure if this'll help. I may add that this issue occurs on both standard and portable installations.

I made a test minimal install with beta 6, played a wav file, froze on the 2nd playback and then fb2k froze.
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Foobar2000 in safe mode: seperate wav files work fine with WASAPI
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Re: [1.6 beta] Wine+macOS issue

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Not sure if it's helpful at all but could you test if the same hang happens with the alternative WASAPI output.

Re: [1.6 beta] Wine+macOS issue

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It did the same freezing as before unfortunately.

Re: [1.6 beta] Wine+macOS issue

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Try this Wine bottling thing instead?

Just in case, it's also looking into working on 32 bit app support for Catalina and newer, if you're ever in need to upgrade your system software.

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