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Import CD issues

Hey peeps.

New User here and I ran into some trouble.

I imported/converted some CDs (while being offline).

First Issue:
When ripping a CD you can get all the necessary Tags from "MusicBrainz" or "freedb".

I did this being offline, and I found no way to use MusicBrainz afterwards...

I then downloaded a specific component from this site to add tags with MusicBrainz, retrospectively. That extended the right click menu and added some advanced Tagging options tailored to this service. It worked so far, but the file names in itself are still the same when I browse the folder.

Second Issue:
Since I was being offline importing the CDs, planning to tag them at a later date, I wasn't able to import the second CD, because I got send to an "Overwrite Prompt" where I could select titles with the same name to be overwritten or not, however the latter one would stop the operation completely. It didn't offer me to just automatically rename the titles and go on with the operation.

Kinda confused right now, wether I am overseeing stuff. Any advice is appreciated.

Re: Import CD issues

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You could try Picard for tagging your imported music, it is from MusicBrainz and it helped me a lot a while ago. The UI is a bit odd but it gets the job done.

Re: Import CD issues

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Extending info on the second Issue I described: Well, you can select to skip files in the convert options, but theres is no option to just rename the files, which I find akward because when in Windows when you have a second file appear with the same naming, it offers you to overwrite, skip or rename, since forever basically.

When you just leave it as it is, you are unable to add new files, cause they will all be overwritten or skipped.
For example: I added another version of "Since I've Been Loving You" (identified by MusicBrainz) and it just ignored it.
-> Making the "I convert without tags first, then use the MusicBrainz-Component, that leaves file names random" more attractive, but still pretty abysmal.

Today I discovered another problem,  describing my third issue, because today when ripping another CD and using my FLAC preset that I just configured yesterday, it defaulted back to converting to .wav format... CDs started to get converted with default settings...

I reconfigured it and ripped a CD just fine, but upon importing the next CD and choosing the same convert configuration I have branded "FLAC", it just used deault settings again. :-/

Handpicking the convert options via the right click menu and picking the configuration, it just comes up with .wav again...

Just to make things clear, leaving the holy ghost aside, I am using Win10, that's all. I am not working for the competition, just trying to enjoy music... Not really seeing my error in this...

Maybe I am just going back to Itunes I thought (which I don't like even though it has a nice file organization/display and has some nice playback features), but has no .flac support even though the new Iphones have that... Windows Media Player & I am done, cause foobar2000 apparently is overchallenged by the simplest of operations... 2020 - welcome to hell... Cheers and good luck.

Re: Import CD issues

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When you rip a CD in foobar2000 without online access, you have to select all/right-click the CDA files, go to Properties, and set ARTIST and ALBUM values.  If you've set up your conversion "Destination" appropriately, that will put your numbered files in an ARTIST\ALBUM folder so no more overwrite warnings.

Your problem with foobar2000 not retaining settings is probably because you did not save your prior working settings as a preset.  Set your first CD rip up the way you want (remember "Destination" above), save these settings as a preset, then use that preset for all subsequent CD rips.

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