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Understanding upnp/DLNA options with foobar2000 setup


I have all my digital music files (mostly FLAC and MP3 but other esoteric formats as well) stored on my QNAP NAS. It's all organized how I like using sensible directory structures and tagging.

I've used foobar2000 for years but mostly just for local playback. Now I'm trying to add the ability to play my digital music to a system in my basement that I can control without using a TV/monitor. The system is a fairly standard 2.1 setup with a Pioneer receiver (VSX-45), CD and Bluray player.

So ... I guess the 2 options that I know of are:
1. Connect a PC to the receiver. This is how I have it setup now. Windows PC -> DAC -> receiver. I can control foobar2000 on this PC by connecting via VNC from my laptop but it's not terribly convenient. While VNC is pretty good, it still has some lag.

2. Use upnp/DLNA to play music over the network directly to receiver. (Receiver is not currently connected to network but I can easily enable this.) I would open foobar2000 on a different PC and play my audio directly to the receiver. However, this is where I get confused. If the files are stored on my NAS and I use foobar2000 on a PC to 'stream' them to the receiver, that seems like overkill in terms of network traffic. (Or possibly I don't completely understand how DLNA works.) In this case, I'm playing files on a network drive back out to a network receiver.

Am I missing something here? Is there an easier way to do what I want? I'd like to stick with foobar2000 if possible for multiple reasons: I'm comfortable with it; it 'knows' my media library; it plays whatever I want it to play; it doesn't modify tags unless I tell it to; etc.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Re: Understanding upnp/DLNA options with foobar2000 setup

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To maintain your music collection you need a media player anyway.
DLNA/UPnP is great at communication between devices in the network but you can’t use UPnP to tag, to add files, etc.
Hence stick to Foobar or whatever media player you like to  maintain your library.

For playback on a UPnP enabled device you need a control point.
This might be your Pioneer receiver if it is a UPnP renderer and probably a control point as well.
If your NAS sports DLNA/UPnP the Pioneer interface allows you to play anything stored on the NAS
You might also use a remote e.g. BubbleUPnP on an android phone.
Often media players support “play to” , allowing you to play anything om a networked UPnP device.

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