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SDK API/examples


I slowly want to learn how to use the SDK.
It seems there is no documentation or am I wrong?

I'm looking for:

- example code/visual studio projects like 'hello world' application or other simple decoding test applications I can use to work on (or empty framework).

Additional questions:

- Is visual studio 2019 community supported?

- what additional visual studio settings are required in order to compile? (not considering the include header files and library of the SDK).

- Is it possible to use an external decoding library DLL inside a foobar component?
So the foobar DLL you compile that uses another 3rd party DLL (for audio decoding for example)?

Thx in advance!
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Re: SDK API/examples

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Nobody can tell if there are documentation pages planned to be made for beginners who want to learn the SDK?
I would like to learn the foobar SDK but without docs and just 1 example included in the SDK, this will take a lot of time.
Therefor my question  :-[

Foobar2000 - It Really Whips ALL Llamas' Ass!

Re: SDK API/examples

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The README html file and sample program really are the best way to learn the API, and the sample is also a good basis for a "hello world" type program. It's not exactly simple to learn, but if you're used to working with APIs you can pick it up reasonably quickly. It does work with VS2019 Community.

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