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Topic: v2.2.1(1) not transferring files to playlist in correct order? (Read 191 times) previous topic - next topic
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v2.2.1(1) not transferring files to playlist in correct order?

On an old Foobar 1.1.10   I can select files from an external hard drive and open them in fb with the correct alphanumerical (?) order in the current playlist. This order starts with a numeric.
I then switched to fb2000 v.2.2.1(1).     Now matters are haywire:  I select files in the same way, but the initial number (originally the numbering from the CD) is now removed, and the files are ordered alphabetically using the remainder. In the screenshots I show this: the smaller window are the files on the drive (in the desired correct playing order). In the larger window the result now. Note how the movements are now jumbled around. (See also the file path at extreme right: it is not ordering by file path but by the start of the letter alphabetic name.

I have some 10K files. I need a solution that does not involve a manual rewrite of all these titles. All was fine on fb1.1.10.
Are there any suggestions please? Or even explanations?
Thanks very much 

Re: v2.2.1(1) not transferring files to playlist in correct order?

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The explanation is that in the left screenshot you are showing the Filename column and there seems to be no Title column,
and in the right the Title column  is visible and you probably have a default sort order specified that looks at Title before Filename.
So it's not that the numbering is removed, it's just that you are looking at different columns.

Even when hiding the Title, Conductor(?) and Duration columns, it would still sort according to the specified default sort order.

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