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foobar2000 v1.6 beta change log

Changes in beta 2
  • Standard DSP Array is no longer an optional component, as it's required for new WASAPI output to work correctly.
  • Converter: Added a toggle for encoding thru temp folder to custom command-line encoder setup, required for some encoders that don't support Unicode.
  • Fixed missing WM_ENABLE handler causing some list controls (component updater in particular) to be shown incorrectly.
  • Allowed weird channel counts in Opus decoder.
  • New Visual Studio runtime DLLs

Changes in beta 3
  • Added alternate menu commands for opening Properties dialog with specific tab open, for mapping keyboard shortcuts only.
  • Improved recovery from unplugged audio output device.
  • Properties: smoother ReplayGain scan progress.

Changes in beta 4
  • Fixed evil memory leak in album art viewer, regression since 1.6 beta 1.

Changes in beta 5
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when repeatedly hitting prev/next with fading enabled.
  • Fixed resetting Output Preferences page not unchecking the fading checkbox.
  • Fixed visualisations being jerky in some cases with fading enabled.
  • Prevented "device in use" error from appearing when toggling fading with WASAPI exclusive.

Changes in beta 6
  • Additional editable Properties ReplayGain tab summary fields.
  • Fixed crash when trying to alter gain on a Matroska file with no recognized audio track.

Changes in beta 7
  • Fixed stuck foobar2000 process after playing very short files with fading enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of folder/file.ext relative paths in playlists served over HTTP/HTTPS/FTP.

Changes in beta 8
  • Fixed jerky visualisation regression from earlier 1.6 betas.
  • New portable install now puts all configuration data in 'profile' subfolder of install folder instead of saving in the installation folder directly. Doesn't affect upgraded installs or non-portable.

Changes in beta 9
  • WASAPI output bug fixes.

Changes in beta 10
  • More WASAPI output bug fixes, fixed incompatibility with Windows 7.

Changes in beta 11
  • Fixed crashing on old WebP format album art.
  • Smooth playback: lowest buffer length is now 200ms to prevent audio glitching with overkill settings.

Changes in beta 12
  • Removing tags from raw AAC files now works properly.
  • Changed automatic resampling behaviors. Choice of output method no longer affects the visualisations.
  • The default output now works properly if fed sample rate different from what it expects, resamples on its own if needed (otherwise ABX component would not work).
  • If not overridden by user, the default resampler for automatic conversions is SSRC.
  • File Operations, Converter: Fixed file name sanitizer removing additional dots before the file extension.

Changes in beta 13

Changes in beta 14
  • Improved handling of file modification timestamps in ZIP and RAR archives.
  • Fixed audio glitching when changing DSP settings - most apparent when dragging equalizer sliders.
  • Fixed a bug causing high CPU usage with some autoplaylists (force sorted with no sort pattern specified).

Changes in beta 15
  • Fixed stuck WASAPI playback at the end of playlist.
  • Worked around device-in-use error when cycling smooth playback toggle while playing.

Changes in beta 16
  • Revised automatic resampling behaviors, addressing "unsupported stream format" playback errors.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load album art from a cuesheet that references itself.
  • Fixed stuck playback when playing very short files with varying channel counts.

Changes in beta 17
  • Fixed more stuck playback bugs with very short files.
  • Fixed installer flagging Columns UI as not working, if manually installed.

Changes in beta 18
  • Fixed a long time bug causing files with very long names inside ZIP archives to be unplayable.
  • Internal changes in resampler management.

Changes in final
  • Amended behavior of File Operations & Converter replacement of question mark character in file names.
  • itunescompilation=0 no longer sets album artist=Various Artists.

Why separate beta change log from main change log?
Main change log lists changes from the previous major version, not beta regression fixes or bug fixes for features new to this version.
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