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Meier Crossfeed component

I've always hated the engineers and producers who started hard panning when stereo was new. Old Beatles records are un-listening-able with headphones. The solution was a crossfeed circuit that would delay, attenuate, and send one channel to the other. HeaDRoom amps were the first I heard that I thought well it's better than nothing. Then Jan Meier, a brilliant amp designer, wrote his own code for his crossfeed design and posted his component for everyone on Foobar to use for free. I haven't used my Micro Amp's circuit since. The problem with crossfeed is it jams center mixed vocals, guitar, whatever. With the meier you move a slide to just enough improve the song your listening too. With Headroom it's on or off. I'm conservative and rarely go above 15. It was most kind of him to do that. His website has some amazing amps and DAC's worth a look. Any one else have an opinion?

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Hard panned is a matter of the boys having a new toy and no taste.
The “problem” is the stereo recording.
The sound of the L speaker reaches the left ear and a fraction later the right ear.
Mutatis mutandis the R speaker.
The sound also reflect from the walls.
In case of headphone listening you don’t have the mixing of L&R making the sound very much STEREO.

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I'm using it at level 30, that's where almost all music stops being annoying. And yeah, it's a great component and perhaps one of the main reasons I keep using foobar2000 on both desktop and Android.
some ANC'd headphones + AutoEq-based impulse + Meier Crossfeed (30%)

Re: Meier Crossfeed component

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On my phone,  Foobar2000 is presently set to 38, plus another generic EQ app set to 17.5% "surround sound" effect - that's how much crossfeed my brain needs for headphone listening before its fatigue alarm goes off in the shape of headaches and I might have to call it a day for my listening sessions!

I rarely fiddle with them, unless there's a perceived change of the stereo image on songs I listened to thousands of times before, but I usually forget to turn them off even when listening to music through the speakers in my kitchen - but that's non-serious listening, as I'm naturally cooking, eating or doing the dishes then.

I can't abide by the ON/OFF button on my Fiio E12 amp either, so it's off all the time. Here's to customization!
Listen to the music, not the media it's on.
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