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Smart Cross(fade)

I have been always looking for a good crossfade solution that would work between any two songs. Some tracks start with a bang, some slowly fade in, some end with a long silence, some are loud until the very last moment. Any time-based crossfade solution must fail in many cases, so I figured I would like to have a DSP plugin that would scan volumes at the beginning and the end of each track and start the overlapping playback of a new song in the right moment rather than fade anything in or out.
Such DSP would have only two important parameters: mix-in and mix-out levels. DSP should scan a track to find a mix-in point at the begining of a track where volume reaches mix-in level and a mix-out point from where volume falls below the mix-out level. Then it should start the playback of the second track at the right moment so the first track reaches its mix-out point when the second gets to its mix-in.
Two additional parameters, fade-in and fade-out intervals shoul take care of tracks that have very long beginings or ends below tresholds. If they do, DSP should fade to long parts so they do not appear as a noise below the louder track.
I made a diagram to illustrate the idea, it is attached to this message.
Is there anyone around interested in coding this?

Re: Smart Cross(fade)

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There is a smart crossfade for Winamp.   It's pretty much what you're asking for but it's only for Winamp and worse, I get glitches when I use it.

SAM DJ seems to have something similar built-in but I never got around to trying SAM DJ (and it's not free after the trial period).    There may be some other DJ programs with automatic smart crossfading but its a hard to find feature.

Re: Smart Cross(fade)

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even smarter would be if it took the rhythm into account (bpm detection, etc)...
if someone could implement it, it would be really cool
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