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[1.6] embedded webp images + album_art_data_ptr

I have some code which creates a Gdiplus::Bitmap from an album_art_data_ptr and I was surprised that it handles external webp images without me having to make any changes. You must have performed some "magic" to make this happen so thanks!

However, it doesn't work if the album_art_data_ptr is sourced from an embedded webp. Could this be "fixed" or is there something else that needs doing my side? Obviously they display fine in the DUI artwork panel/Properties.

Re: [1.6] embedded webp images + album_art_data_ptr

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Wait for the new SDK, it will provide an updated helper to turn album_art_data payload into Gdiplus::Bitmap, detecting and transparently decoding WebP data.

Re: [1.6] embedded webp images + album_art_data_ptr

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New SDK posted, use fb2k::imageLoaderLite.
The new API was added in 1.6 beta 8. Also, current implementation doesn't initialize gdiplus as documented (final version will).

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