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FLAC Conversion - Silence

When a WAV is converted into a FLAC file, besides the usual lossless compression, if the WAV file has lots of silence, does the FLAC compress that way down?

In other words, normally a WAV file seems to me to convert to a FLAC 1/2 the size of the WAV. So a 500MB WAV becomes a 250MB FLAC.

But if much of the WAV file is silence, should that mean that the losslessly compressed FLAC will be much smaller than 250MB?


Re: FLAC Conversion - Silence

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Re: FLAC Conversion - Silence

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504 MB WAV or about 50 minutes of silence (44,100 Hz, 16-bit, Stereo) can be compressed down to 571.93 KB.

Re: FLAC Conversion - Silence

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Yes, this makes sense.

It also means that WAV's with lots of dead space don't need to have silent sections trimmed if they will be converted to FLAC (and i assume any compressed format, such as AAC 32.

Re: FLAC Conversion - Silence

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In case of lossy compression it's true only for non-CBR encodes.

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