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Media Library indexingy

I have been using Foobar2000 for many years and now I suspect that there is room for improvement in the indexing of the Media Library.
I manage my music data based on a folder structure.
For flac files there are folders on the top level (root level, so to speak) for each media if I only have one media from this artist. If I have more than one medium for an artist, the directory on the top level represents the artist and below that per medium a directory with flac files.

Now I have also added mp3 files to my structure. The number of files is about three times as large as the number of flac files.
To distinguish them from the flac files, I have created a separate directory "MP3" on the root level. The underlying directory structure corresponds to the principle of the flac files.

From time to time it happens that errors occur during indexing which interrupt the indexing. I have to delete the error directory, remove the "Music folder" entry and confirm with "Apply". Then my index disappears. I set the "Music folder" again and confirm with "Apply".
Now the strange behavior occurs:
The unchanged directories containing flac data are immediately visible and usable again. The directories below directory "MP3" are ALL completely rebuilt. It doesn't seem to matter if there has been a change or not.
Is it possible that during indexing only root directories are checked for changes and the directories below are not checked anymore?
This is the only way I can explain why all subordinate data in my MP3 directory is always re-indexed, regardless of whether they have change flags or not.

I am very curious what you can tell me about this situation.

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