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foobar in 'High' or 'Realtime' Priority

Hi all.

Every time I run foobar, I open Task Manager to set it 'High Priority', since I developed a theme for him that is already bordering on 15MB, containing exactly everything I need and like (without any redundancy) - a peculiarity that I only managed to accomplish in the foobar - but that made it relatively heavy to open and operate.

Is there any internal configuration (or command line, etc.) in foobar that makes it possible to run it at 'high/realtime priority' without having to resort to the Task Manager?

Before opening this topic I searched inside and outside the foobar (forums, tutorials, etc.), but I didn't find something that would work automatically as soon as the foobar was opened.

Thanks in advance.

Re: foobar in 'High' or 'Realtime' Priority

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You can make a Windows batch file with the command
start /HIGH d:\path\to\foobar2000.exe

But you don't usually want to do that. This will run CPU-intense processes such as file conversion or replaygain scanning at elevated priority and interrupt other programs. Usually only threads that output sound in real time are run at high priority, and it is already done in the program (cofigurable in the asio plugin separately).

Re: foobar in 'High' or 'Realtime' Priority

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Thank you for answering me and for your advice, I will apply it!

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