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EAC ripping issues

Hello all, just wondering if anyone has came accross this issue, and or can suggest a fix please?
I have been archiving our CD collection to flac using EAC.
I’ve had a surf around and haven’t seen anyone talking of this issue.
The problem is that some of my discs haven’t ripped properly.
Either the full CD rip has no audio playable, or it's a partial CD rip i.e. 1 or more tracks zero audio, or there is partial tracks as in some tracks have audio missing either at the beginning or end.
Looking at the properties of an individual track/file with zero audio, what should be 40mb of data is maybe 32kb and still has the .flac file extension.
I am using a media player on random, to seek out the CDs I need to re-rip. Can anyone suggest a more efficient method?
I’m nearing the end of ripping nearly 2000 CDs so it’s a bit of a pain to say the least (and trying not to swear on my first post)!
Maybe 3% of the rips are faulty.

Re: EAC ripping issues

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not sure what is causing the ripping errors, but for locating the bad files, this should be easy (as the filesize differences are very, very large).  Just point your file browser program (e.g.,  "File Explorer' in windows) to the parent directory of the ripped files, and sort on file size.  If your file browser can't do this using subfolders, just install mp3tag (a good tagging program for all sorts of files anyhow), point it at your top level directory, and open all the files in an mp3tag window.  Then sort on file size column.  Then you can easily see the too small files, which are the bad rips.

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