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Empty Album List

Hi folks,

Cannot seem to get the album list to work for some reason. Running V1.5.4 on Window 10. I installed a couple weeks ago and have a memory of it working in the default layout. I've since switched layouts in the Layout Editing mode and added the deskband controls as well.

I've configured my media library in Preferences -> Media Library -> Folders and it shows there with a status of 'Monitoring'. I have not changed any of the default album list views. I've added the entire media folder with all the music in it to a single playlist and it's all visible and playable there, but when I select Library -> Album List, it just brings up a blank pane with nothing in it. I've tried selecting all of the view settings, but nothing populates.

Any ideas? Thanks for such a great player!


Re: Empty Album List

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Hey there,

That sounds strange. Some unlikely things ...

Make sure your music folder(s) in Windows Explorer are not hidden.

In Preferences > Media Library, make sure no file types under 'Restrict to'. You could try right-click the music folder > Rescan now.

Otherwise not sure. Is the music folder a local drive or network?

Re: Empty Album List

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Hi There,

Thanks for the suggestions. I did have 'Restrict to' set to *.flac,*.mp3. I cleared it and that did the trick.

Thanks again for the help!


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