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comparing metal albums originals vs. remasters

Hey All,

I haven't been to this forum in quite a while, and to be honest I forgot about it.  I remembered it, because I got called out by someone for not de-emphasizing an album before comparing it on my youtube channel (I didn't know about pre-emphasis but learned through this forum).  Full disclosure: the playlist I am going to share here, comes from my youtube channel. 

I have no skin in this game, which means , I am not promoting originals over remasters or vice versa.  I didn't want to be influenced by the Fletcher Munson Curve, so I made sure that both versions are at the exact same volumes by using Izotope's RX 4 advanced. which is essential for an objective and fair comparison.

I messed up Black Sabbath's original by not de-emphasizing it, and when I was doing research on it, it brought me here.
I hope there is something useful you can find from this playlist if not, at least something entertaining  ;D

original vs. remaster playlist

Re: comparing metal albums originals vs. remasters

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Hey, as a huge metal head, this is a pretty cool channel. Nice to be able to compare some of the different versions of classic albums.

Re: comparing metal albums originals vs. remasters

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thanks! I started it because probably over a decade ago, I couldn't decide on buying one of Malevolent Creation's older records remastered, sounded better than the original I had.  I kept going back and forth on a particular site and I was quite sure that I liked the remaster better (Fletcher Munson Curve possibly?) but then I realized, I was liking it because it was louder, not better.  Than I thought "there's gotta be a way to test these songs with no bias" and that's how the channel started out  :))   It's been an eye-opening experience for sure.

I thought there might be a few here, who, even if they didn't like metal, could appreciate the objective nature of the comparisons.

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