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WavPack quick verify feature using raw block checksums

One of the features introduced in WavPack 5.0 was appending checksums to the raw WavPack blocks. Each block already had checksums for the decoded data, but having only that meant that a full audio data decode was required to verify the file's integrity. I've now implemented a “quick verify” (-vv) option to wvunpack that uses only the block checksums and is, as expected, much faster than the full verify. In fact, its operation seems to be only limited by the read access speed of the source device!

I still recommend a “real” verify pass at some point to make sure that files are actually encoded correctly, preferably when the file is created (by adding -v to the encoder command-line) or afterward with wvunpack. However, once that is done, any subsequent corruption of WavPack files should be detected with the new quick version.

Of course this will not work with legacy files from before WavPack 5.0, but that case is detected by the quick verify command and it silently reverts to the regular version.

I am going to include this in version 5.4, but I'm not sure when that will be, so I thought I'd make it available in case anyone wanted to try it out first and possibly provide feedback. I am attaching a Windows executable and a Debian/Ubuntu/Mint Linux binary of the wvunpack program that include this feature.


Re: WavPack quick verify feature using raw block checksums

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pretty neat feature, thank you!
however ultimately I hope at some point this kind of integrity verification becomes just a standard feature of all stable filesystems in use and so will be a straightforward step to do for any file in any format...
maybe in 10 years or so
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