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Android voice recorder - corrupted file

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since my last post.

I wonder if anyone here can help me with this.

A few weeks ago I was recording an audio conversation with Android Voice Recorder on my phone, I was using Android 5.0.1.

For some reason I don't remember well -the phone crashed, someone called, an alarm went off or something like that- the recording was lost and I don't see it in the recordings list.

These audio files are normally stored with the "m4a" extension and are 128 Kbps AAC LC files.

Today I found a file named ".voice" in my SDXC card root (that's the exact full name of the file) with the exact date and time of the lost recording (the time when the recording was lost, about 2.5 hours after I started recording). It's a 142654 KB file, so at 128 Kbps the numbers are reasonable and I guess the full audio content lives in this file.
I tried to open this file with Audacity, Foobar2000 and VLC, none worked.

I opened the file with 010 Editor (an hex editor software) and saw the following at the beginning of this file:


¿Can anyone give advice as to how to make this file readable or what software can I use to play this file?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Android voice recorder - corrupted file

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I still can't believe it but minutes after posting this I recovered the full audio, 100% OK!

I found this link:

Then I rather followed this link, cited by the above:

Huge thanks to these guys!

I will add that 99.8% of the time, I use a dedicated audio recorder for these recordings, because you can't trust phones: an incoming call, an alarm or a system crash will make you lose your recording. Plus my audio recorder can record for 40 or 50 hours with a single battery set.

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