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Topic: Missing (sub)menus "SHOW duplicates" + "SHOW dead items" (Read 105 times) previous topic - next topic
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Missing (sub)menus "SHOW duplicates" + "SHOW dead items"

Assume I have a playlist tab with lots of songs. The menu "Edit" offers two sub menus

- Remove duplicates
- Remove dead items

Thats ok.
But I need much more the information WHICH songs are duplicate and which songs are dead.
Maybe I have accidentially deleted the corresponding *.mp3s or added them in the past.

So in detail I prefer to have two sub menus
- Show duplicates
- Show dead items

The found issues could be marked in BLUE (for duplicates) and RED (for dead items) font.
Removing them later manually is easy. Showing the issues is the core information!

Can you add the new menus in the next release?

Thank you

Re: Missing (sub)menus "SHOW duplicates" + "SHOW dead items"

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It would be wonderful!

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