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Topic: fb2k's foo_hdcd not as good as hdcd.exe? (Read 352 times) previous topic - next topic
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Re: fb2k's foo_hdcd not as good as hdcd.exe?

There could be nothing to decode on this track because the peak extension or gain weren't activated. There are many discs with the HDCD logo like that. If you use Utilities > Scan for HDCD, what does it tell? It could be that the track has a gain adjustment for an insignificant duration at the start or end. Looks like item 3 was reduced in level by 6.02 dB (0.5x). If there was any decoding done to it, the loudness would have changed by a fraction of a db. Does it null against the original if you bring them into an audio editor and match the volumes again (use multiplication where you can enter percentage, not a db scale)?

Re: fb2k's foo_hdcd not as good as hdcd.exe?

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HDCD technically should not increase the volume level of a track, but this component can do that if you wish. See Advanced Preferences, under the Decoding tree, you'll find the HDCD decoder settings tree. The default is to only halve the output volume if peak extension is enabled.

You may also use the context menu utility, under Utilities, to scan tracks for HDCD features. Just because a track is flagged HDCD, does not mean it actually uses any of the features a decoder is needed for. If no extended features are present, the only advantage you gain is the fact that it was mastered using HDCD equipment.

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