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unknown EAC extraction options


i want to rip my classical cd collection with EAC, and use profiles to have the ability of quickly change the naming scheme according to the different recordings (1 or n composers, 1 or n discs, 1 or n versions etc).

for that, i have to use the "extraction options" profile type. I found a key "extraction options" in the registry which list them : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AWSoftware\EACU\Extraction Options ; in this list, we find all the "EAC > EAC options" but not only them.
i find also:
- includeGaps and GapsHandlingDefault, which are set when checking one of the gap handling menu options (menu action)
- Add2SecondGap : used when using "Tools > write cd-r"

for the others, i don't know where they are set.
does anybody knows ?

- AskOverwrite
- CheckReadCommandD8
- CheckDensity
- CheckReadCommandD4
- TimeDisplayUsingFrames
- UseRawCDPlayMethod
- RemoveSilence
- NoCompressionWindow
- DeleteFileOnCDCopy
- AskBeforeWriteOnCDCopy
- ID

thanks in advance,

Re: unknown EAC extraction options

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When you create/save an "extraction options" profile, it is stored in %appdata%\EAC\Profiles
You adjust the settings as you normally would through the program (not the registry) then Save the settings to the profile. To change to the settings stored in a profile, you Load that profile.
I would create an "All EAC options" profile to store all your Default settings first.

Re: unknown EAC extraction options

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Korth, thanks for your reply...
my question was maybe a bit confusing : i know that profiles aren't  stored in the registry but in files, but i supposed that the extraction settings stored in an "extraction options" profile were the sames than those stored in the "Extraction Options" registry key...
so, if this assumption is verified, i was wondering what were the function of these unknown options and where they were set, not to store them in the profile with bad values...

am i wrong? did you use some of them?

other question : the forum on the EAC site is not alive, does exist a place where to submit to the author a bug or a wish ?

Re: unknown EAC extraction options

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did you use some of them?
Do I use profiles? Yes
Do I use Read Commands other than autodetect? No
Do I use the CD Player? No
Do I use Tools > Copy CD? No

 - AskOverwrite
00=off, ff=on
EAC Options > General > Ask before overwriting files
- TimeDisplayUsingFrames
00=off, ff=on
EAC Options > General > Display time using frames
- RemoveSilence
00=off, ff=on
EAC Options > Extraction > Delete leading and trailing silent blocks
- NoCompressionWindow
00=off, ff=on
EAC Options > Tools >Do not open external compressor window

does exist a place where to submit to the author a bug or a wish ?
See email. Use a clear Subject. Don't expect a reply.

Re: unknown EAC extraction options

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thanks, i had missed some "EAC options".

after checking, all "EAC options" are handled by an "extraction options" profile excepted:
    - use language
    - create log files always in english language
    - activate beginner mode, disable all advanced features
    - submit drive features after detection [but ask for permission]

a weird behavior : when creating a new profile, EAC limits its name size, but this limit vary according to the character string : it can be less than 40 up to 60 or so (If the profile is renamed outside EAC with a longer name, it will be shown though) ; i thought the goal could be to limit the name according to the visible width in the dropdown list, but this doesn't match really.

i finally achieved to get a template list with EAC : it's usable but a dedicated profile type which would just include the "directories" and "filename" options would be handier : it would avoid to modify all the profiles if i change another "EAC option".

the readability of the profile list is acceptable.

it could be better (the same with foobar 2000)

it could be worse (the same with dbPowerAmp, unusable)

for the moment, i didn't find a product with advanced ripping capabilities and handy handling of naming templates : EAC is a good compromise.

i noticed some drawbacks using the naming scheme :
- EAC don't check that the concerned tags are set
- EAC don't check that the filename length or path length won't exceed the windows limits
- EAC don't let the user define a custom template for a playlist or log file name,  but always uses %albumartist% - %albumtitle% which may easily exceed the windows path limits according to the folder path used for the extraction.
- EAC don't offer a preview feature to see the effect of the naming scheme according to the track tags

to handle files with a too long path, I point out the existence of two handy (and free) tools:
with the first (trial version), we can search about long path files.

when found, we can handle them with the second (rename, delete ...)

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