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File Name Pattern

Hello  :)

maybe a pic says more then a word (see attachment)...

...any ideas how to change the pattern to get rid of the leading "the" AND get the folder sorted to the new letter?

~$caps($cut(%album artist%,1))~\$stripprefix(%album artist%,The)\[%date%] - [%album%]\$ifgreater(%totaldiscs%,1,%discnumber%[%tracknumber%]. [%album artist%] - [%title%],[%tracknumber%]. [%artist%] - [%title%])

Re: File Name Pattern

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~$caps($cut($stripprefix(%album artist%,The),1))~\$stripprefix(%album artist%,The)\[%date%] - [%album%]\$ifgreater(%totaldiscs%,1,%discnumber%[%tracknumber%]. [%album artist%] - [%title%],[%tracknumber%]. [%artist%] - [%title%])

Basically you need to use $stripprefix() on the first part.

Re: File Name Pattern

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many thx!  :D

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