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Default UI vs Columns UI

Hi all.

I am absolutely surrendered and fallen in love with the foobar.

I already knew the player before, but I never went as deep as now. The more I learn, the more I am surprised. It is a virtually "infinite" player, so to speak.

Perhaps the player that comes closest to foobar is the MusicBee (with its initially more attractive interfaces / skins), however the customization of the foobar comes to the point of even emulating all the MusicBee skills. Not to mention the intrinsic quality of the foobar, which does not require any comment here.

However, as I am still at the height of my excitement for being (re) discovering something profoundly new (for me), forgive me for the question that may sound childish and very basic, but I have been looking for some older messages here on the forum and I did not get lucky to find an explanation that fully satisfied me: how is Columns UI superior to Default UI? What are the advantages?

Thank you for reading this message, in which I am grateful for any clarification.

And I am sorry if this issue has been discussed a lot in the forum - if I am ignored, I will understand.

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