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U-MYX files (.umx) how to extract the multitracks?

Hi all

I've been given a bunch of files from a defunct company called U-MYX which have the file extention .umx.

As far as I can tell this umx file is a container for multitrack audio for a given song that needs U-MYX's own player.
These files were included as extras on CD releases by the bands/artists.

The player acts as a mixer where the user can essentially create their own mix of the song by selecting which stems to play and which sections of the stem. Only a few allowed the user to export their mix while most did not.

I know some computer games used a format of the same name (.umx) but i think the U-MYX versions are different in that the actual audio from the songs in encoded in the file rather than being some kind of tracker.

Does anyone know if it is possible to extract the stems to wav or flac at what ever kHz & bit rate the audio is within the .umx (so there is no loss of generational quality) ?

I know I could always play each stem one at a time and somehow record that but with 30+ .umx files that will take days.

Many thanks

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