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Tagging large box set - Tagscanner etc.

original files are .ape format in single .ape/.cue files. I do not have original CDs.

106 CDs. concerned about CD numbering, do they need to be CD 001, 002, etc?

I tried several tagging software for windows, have always liked Tagscanner. when trying to find this box set only the Discogs ID pulls it up.

if I try to tag one CD with tagscanner I have to uncheck hundreds (thousands?) of boxes to match that CD. maybe tag the whole box set at once?

MP3Tag is tricky to align everything also.

I bought another tagging software that accesses GD3, no way to search by the ID that I can see.

Re: Tagging large box set - Tagscanner etc.

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Its been awhile since I last messed with tags, but I paid for one version of I think MagicTagger, and also used Picard. No idea what is a good database anymore to work from.

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