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Topic: Outboard DAC?: Airplay Stream> VizioTV> (?HDMI:DAC>) RCA:PreAmp (Read 269 times) previous topic - next topic
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Outboard DAC?: Airplay Stream> VizioTV> (?HDMI:DAC>) RCA:PreAmp

[First post. Love the science /ABX over hype mindset here . . .]

Looking to get the best sound from my system with minimal cost (would consider higher costs for significant returns).
Here is my present signal flow:

*MacBook Pro - Catalina*
FLAC (or other)>
Airplay stream>
*TV - Vizio i470-A0*
AirPinPro (which is an Airplay receiver app running under my Amazon FireStick4k account)>
RCA Out>
(RCA inputs only) Preamp> Amp> Speakers

But wondering if this would be better:
(RCA inputs only) Preamp> Amp> Speakers

From reading HA forums, I picked up that modern DAC chips probably all suffice but that PCB design, filters, and power supplies can make significant differences to the listening experience. Can an outboard DAC improve my sound, and if so where can I find the best fit for my system?

Have found a $23 DAC that has the right in/outs:

But unsure whether the experiment would be a waste of money.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts you might have to help me out.

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