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Help with editing Fusion theme

Hey everyone, I hope you can help.

I have been using Foobar2000 for game soundtracks.

In the default view, I added a tag so that the album was the name of the game, and added a new tag called “Console” to specify the console each game was for, so its easy to choose your console, choose your game then listen to the relevant song.

On the default setting I was able to sort by console and it was fine.

I’ve recently installed the Fusion theme however and the only options I have are to view Album, Artist and Genre.

I could go through and change Artist or Genre away from their normal entry and out console name instead, but is there anyway for me to update the theme to change what value I use to view everything by?

For example, could I replace the bar at the top of fusion where it says “Album” “Artist” “Genre” “Song” to say “Album” “Artist” “Console” “Song” for example?

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