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Replacement for ADPCM decoder


I’m new to Foobar, I’m using it mainly as a library for video game soundtracks.

I have a bunch of .XA files as part of one soundtrack. They play no problem, but whenever I try to update the tag for them, Foobar crashes. I’ve had a look at the report but honestly can’t make much sense of it.

It mentions “Crash Location”
Module: foo_adpcm
Offset: A91Bh

I do have Kode’s ADPCM decoder installed. I didn’t get it directly from the Foobar website however, I got it from another site as it didn’t appear on the list of Decoders.

I’ve removed this component to see what would happen and can now rename the file as normal. My question is, do I need this decoder? I was told it was required for certain video games music files like GameCube and a few others. If so, I’d there a better fix than just removing the component, or is there a suitable alternative I could use?


Re: Replacement for ADPCM decoder

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You want foo_input_vgmstream instead. And no, it doesn't support tagging, unless you edit accompanying !tags.m3u files located in the same directory as your files. Which will be compatible with any version of VGMStream.

Or you can use an external tags plugin, which will only work with foobar2000.

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