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New User Dumb Questions

First off, I love this program, and I hate iTunes! But I did like how iTunes organized everything and want to sorta do the same in FB2K...

SO I have all my stuff in files, on 1 HDD: Music, Audiobooks, Books, Podcast and so on..... I loaded my files from the root HDD (H:\) which only has my files I want in FB2K. I do not see how FB2K has separated say Audiobooks from Music, it all seems to be in one area. So my question is, can I get FB2K to sorta look like iTunes where I have an area that says Audiobooks and all of them will be listed and another for Podcasts and they are all listed?

Any help would be great, I do not know how I did not find FB2K before!


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Ok well with 71 views and no reply I guess it was a dumb question........

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I'm typing here...

foobar2000 can sort and group files practically any way you want.  It primarily works from file tags to do so, but can also group by file folder.  I'd load all my files into Mp3tag and sort to determine which are missing GENRE tags. If all of your files are in one big folder, add the "Length" column (right-click on the column headers to see available columns) to Mp3tag to sort out the longer items.  Use the GENRE tag value "Audiobooks" or "Podcasts" for the appropriate content.  (If iTunes has already filled the GENRE tag for these files with a different value, please report back what is already there.)  Once this is done, people can give you suggestions for foobar2000 organization.

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Ok got it and in work.

Thank you!


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Hi there,

The blessing and cursing of foobar is that although you can make it the way you want, you have to make it yourself. :D

Basically though you could either just use an auto-playlist for each category ("Podcasts" playlist), or have a library viewer filter for each category (Album List "view by Podcast"), or design your layout to put each category under a tab ("Podcasts" tab). Each one would take increasingly a little more effort to learn.

Apesbrain has covered the first requirement - tagging each category with GENRE tag is probably the best way. You can review tags in foobar by right-click tracks and select Properties.

Next it helps to become familiar with Layout Editing Mode (Default UI) if you want to change the layout. I feel like Default UI would be generally easier to learn for beginners. There is also Columns UI component which has more advanced customization options. Here is a quick video demo for DUI. Which UI are you using?

If going with playlists, you would go Library menu > Search and enter the query - review Query Syntax wiki for how that works. Example -

Code: [Select]
%genre% IS Podcast

Click '...' button to right of search bar to create playlists. This way would get a long auto-playlist of the category ("Podcasts") which you could then divide with playlist grouping.

And finally to learn a little Title Formatting - see foobar Help menu > Title Formatting Help for an (easier to read than that wiki link) overview of the tags and functions. This is how you would filter each category in the library viewer, if going for the latter two methods.

More specific depends which way to go...


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Use the GENRE tag value "Audiobooks" or "Podcasts" for the appropriate content.
Just as a note, I'm not sure if they are usually tagged plural? Most of mine are just "Podcast" without the 's' ... (important distinction when filtering)

Re: New User Dumb Questions

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Roger that, no "S", just in my typing....

Re: New User Dumb Questions

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I'm a fan of the Facets component.

I've added the foobar2000 Tabs UI element to the left side of the GUI, and created multiple tabs, each tab containing Facets columns for viewing and sorting a media library in different ways. The Facets toolbar also includes a filter for which you can save presets.

The first screenshot below shows two Facets columns. Selecting an Artist on the left displays the relevant tracks on the right.
The second screenshot shows the configuration for the "Title" tab. There's Facets columns configured for alphabetical title sorting, with the filter set to only display the contents of a particular folder, but you can filter by tag data etc.

It's pretty versatile, even if you don't get carried away with tabs like I did and just use a single Facets configuration.

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