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how to recover old playlists to a new installation?

Long story leading up to this question, but what's the proper way to move playlists from an old portable installation into a new portable installation?  Can I simply copy all the *.fpl files from one to the other?   Or do they need to be imported somehow? 

I have foo_jesus on both portable installations, but I've never really used it and i'm not sure if that should come into play, because the playlists is the only element I want from my old version of foobar.

Thanks for any help you guys  can offer.

Re: how to recover old playlists to a new installation?

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Hi there,

You can export / import them, or just copy the playlists-v1.4 folder.

Which foobar version is the old install? If same as the new install (or 1.4 series onwards would probably be ok), you should be able to just copy the playlists-v1.4 folder over (including the index file). Make sure foobar is not running. Of course this would replace your current playlists, if any.

If old foobar is older than v1.4, run the installer on it to update the old playlists folder, then copy the new v1.4 one.

Otherwise, export them in old foobar, [hold shift key] > File menu > 'Save all playlists...' to a folder, and import in new foobar, File > 'Load playlist...' and select them all from the folder. Doing it this way would not keep auto-playlists since they get saved as regular playlists.

Have the music paths changed? If so you might have to resort to recreating the playlists or try Playlist Revive.


Re: how to recover old playlists to a new installation?

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Thanks mate.  Super helpful.. worked like a charm.

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