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EBU r128 + foo_youtube

Hi there,
I'm trying to make this 2 components work together, but i get an interruption at the end of each track, where the sound stops and restart after 1 second.
I was told to add a 200 ms to 2000 ms crossfader in DSP Manager. Tried to set it both before and after EBU r128  in DPS and nothing has changed.
Any clue?

For the sake of completeness: removing EBU r128 component fixed this issue.


Re: EBU r128 + foo_youtube

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On every stream start, and every DSP reset, the R128 normalizer component must pre-buffer 10 seconds of audio, then it feeds it all out again and keeps only about one second of audio buffered from then on.


Re: EBU r128 + foo_youtube

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I'm sorry I'm not good enough to use all the info you gave me to create a working solution.

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